Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We find the very best honey, wherever it may be in the world, and put it directly into our jars. No manufacturing, no additives, no mixing, no funny business. Just pure, single-source, delicious honey.

Our Story

Hello, we’re Two Bees. We’re really serious about honey. That’s because we know when you taste genuine pure honey, it’s like liquid sunshine in your mouth. There’s simply nothing better.

Which is why we go to the ends of the earth and back (quite literally) to source the very best honey. We track down top-notch beekeepers, wherever they are in the world, and work with them to deliver 100% pure honey for you.

And we’re fussy. Very fussy. Just check out the Two Bees Promise; if we can’t find exceptional honey, we’ll stop selling until we do. Now that’s seriously fussy.

So, when you buy Two Bees honey, you know you’re getting the good stuff. Pure, natural honey. No blends. No additives. No nonsense.


We take our honey straight from nature. No messing. The bees know what they’re doing. They don’t need us to add syrups, blend or process their honey. We simply remove residues to leave just pure, natural perfection. When you source honey direct from the hive, you’re going to hit gold.


With 40 years of expertise behind us, we know what good honey’s all about. We’re out and about, looking for the best keepers, the best climate, the best environment. When everyone works together – the bees, the keepers, the suppliers – that’s when you get the best results.


It’s golden, it’s beautiful, it’s delicious. Two Bees honey is brimming with taste. Wholesome, organic lusciousness. Exactly as nature intended. Layered with an intense bouquet of flavours and infused with sunshine, honey just doesn’t get better than this.

Two Bees promise

Only the best will do. Honey quality is very dependent on climate, plant life and hive health. If we can’t source truly exceptional honey at any point in time, we won’t settle for second best. We’ll just stop selling. So, if you don’t see Two Bees on the shelves, that’s because we’re waiting for outstanding honey to become available again. 

We’re keen to help our planet in any way we can, so we make sure our drums of honey arrive by sea and and are then put into jars in the UK. It’s how we roll.

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Protecting our bees

Bees are incredible. They take teamwork to a whole new level. They’ve got a pretty smart uniform going on. And, they play a big role in keeping us all fed as well. Let’s face it, without bees pollinating our plants, we’d be in serious trouble. But bee populations are under threat and it’s time for us to return the favour and help them out.

Here at Two Bees, we’re on the case. We need to keep professional beekeepers in business and caring for their bees. That’s why we always source direct from the beekeeper and team up with like- minded organisations who share our values. Not only does it guarantee their job security, it also guarantees that your honey is completely pure, unblended and untainted. Our honey is always straight from the hive. No artificial manufacturing processes to see here.

So, the bees can get on with what they do best, safe in the hands of expert beekeepers. And you get gloriously pure honey to spread on your toast. Sorted.

Find out more about honey authenticity at Apimondia.com.